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I know a positive first impression at its best gives you confidence and positions you for greater success. I listen to each of my clients with sensitivity....

  • Wardrobe Consulting
  • Personal Shopping
  • Event Styling
  • Etiquette & Grooming
  • Event Management
  • Business Coaching
  • Hair & Makeup Tutorials
  • Workshops
  • Speaking Engagements
  • Style Parties

My approach

Some Benefits of a Style Coach...

  • Define your personal style
  • Create lasting first impressions
  • Enhance your credibility and confidence
  • Make the appropriate statement at important events
  • Transition successfully into your new stage of life

My Story

Lifestyle adjective

Definition of lifestyle :associated with, reflecting, or promoting an enhanced or more desirable lifestyle

Coach \ˈkōch \noun, often attributive

May refer to: Guidance/instruction
Coaching, the practice of guiding an individual through a process - Verb.

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  • Tia is a PROFESSIONAL. She attunes to her clients, their goals, needs and desires and creates a perfect style for what they want to accomplish in their look. Whether a client is changing careers, changing in seasons of life,...Continue Reading

    - Cheryl b.

  • Well, I was "THE WOMAN IN BLACK". Literally, that was all I wore so I could hide. I got ratted on by my daughter and Tia arrived at my home. She was very humorous as she...Continue Reading

    - Lynda S.

  • I loved working with Tia to revamp and edit my closet. She was very kind and generous, an honest and knowledgeable friend helping me let go of the old, out-dated, and ill-fitting things. Then, when we went shopping, we...Continue Reading

    - Deborah L.

  • Tia is one amazing woman! She has the ability to tell you what not to wear without making you feel self conscious. I loved spending time with her. The clothing she choose for me was excellent...Continue Reading

    - Theresa R.

  • I am so glad I found Tia! She is helping me replace my wardrobe with clothes that fit better, look better, and make me feel more confident and stylish. She is amazingly quick at what she does, and she...Continue Reading

    - Diane R.

  • I've always prided myself on being unique... In personality as well as style. My wardrobe, however, suffered for this. Tia was somehow able to not only understand my needs, but to evolve them as well in a way that...Continue Reading

    - Laurie M.

  • Tia brought me a rack of clothes to try on. I want my style to be ladylike, but sexy. The clothes I own are boxy and conservative. I tried her picks on and she educated me...Continue Reading

    - Caroline, A

Style Dossier

A collaborative, visual portfolio of my creative expression through, client portraits and advertisement campaigns.


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Let me assist you in establishing a timeless, effortless look and accurately project it to the world.

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